Why Hatch?

Hatch Private Maternity's team of Obstetricians & Midwives provides high quality, private maternity care at an affordable price.

We’re upfront about our fee structure, so you will be certain of your out-of-pocket costs. If you have private health insurance with top obstetric cover you will only pay $990* out-of-pocket for your maternity care with Hatch Private Maternity. We will help you to understand the other known costs when it comes to having a baby.

Our philosophy centres around collaboration and a team-based approach to maternity care, ensuring women have access to both obstetric and midwifery expertise. Our collaborative spirit allows us to provide a supportive, nurturing network of care for families.

When the time comes for you to have your baby, the birth will be at the Mater Mothers' Private Hospital with one of our specialist Brisbane obstetricians.

“We're upfront with our costs so you can confidently make the decision that's right for you.”

Your Hatch pregnancy experience

With Hatch, you can expect your antenatal visits to be shared between midwives and obstetricians. We believe that our team-based approach offers you the collective experience of two women’s health professionals, to ensure you feel informed, empowered and supported in your birth choices.

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Mater Mothers' Private Hospital

If you choose Hatch Private Maternity, your baby will be born at the Mater Mothers' Private, located on Raymond Terrace in South Brisbane. Mater Mothers' is Queensland's largest private maternity and newborn facility; making it second-to-none when it comes to providing leading-edge, compassionate care. Mater also offers a state-of-the-art maternal fetal medicine service, which provides expert diagnosis and management of complex obstetric cases should the need arise.

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Pregnancy journey at Hatch

There are several care options available to pregnant women in Australia. Public hospital clinics, midwifery group practices, GP shared public care, private obstetrics, private midwife, birth centres and homebirth. At Hatch we are proud to offer families another choice for private pregnancy care. A high quality, team based, affordable private maternity experience.

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Just $990* for private maternity care

We're upfront with our costs so you can confidently make the decision that's right for you.

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What our families like

Affordable private maternity care with known out-of-pocket costs.

The inclusion of midwives in private maternity care.

The benefits of midwives and obstetricians working together.

Commitment to high-quality, evidence-based, family-centred care.

Birth at Mater Mothers’ Private Hospital, one of Australia’s leading private maternity hospitals.

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