Your first appointment with Hatch Private Maternity

Your first pregnancy appointment is a very exciting time and at Hatch Private Maternity we get excited every day as we meet expectant mums, listen to little heartbeats, watch families grow and share in your joy. We do things a little differently here at Hatch , with us your initial appointment is a 45 minute extended consult with one of our eligible midwives, and is bulk billed with no obligation.

Women can come at any time for their first appointment – some like to come very early in the first few weeks, some like to come after their 13 week scan and some even switch to Hatch during their pregnancy. We do suggest that women first see us between 7 and 12 weeks as there are several early pregnancy tests that we can oganise for you.

 We pride ourselves on transparency, so you can feel confident in your choice of care provider. At the first visit you will learn more about the Hatch model of pregnancy care, our schedule of visits and out-of-pocket costs, as well as the differences between private obstetrics and public maternity care.

The midwife will obtain a comprehensive review of your medical, social and family history to determine your eligibility to Hatch. Any pathology or scans you have had taken will be reviewed and explained, or ordered by the midwife if required. Education will be given on diet and exercise and common early pregnancy symptoms. Written resources will be provided as we understand this can be a steep learning curve for many first time parents, or as a refresher for those who have walked this path before. Depending on how pregnant you are at your initial appointment, there may be an opportunity to hear your baby’s heart-beat.

Initial appointments are very special and our team of midwives look forward to meeting you at one soon. A GP referral is not necessary for this initial appointment, but we do like to work with your GP to manage your pregnancy care, so please bring their details along with you, so we can keep them informed.

For more information on care with Hatch Private Maternity and subsequent visits please refer to our web page titled Services and Care at Hatch.