What is an eligible midwife?

At Hatch, our model focuses very much on offering you high quality maternity care through a team approach. The majority of your visits will be scheduled with midwives combined with visits with our obstetricians.  At the moment we have 3 midwives, Lauren, Kathy and Claire working a variety of days for your appointments.

Let us share with you why Hatch values midwives so highly and what is so very special about our eligible midwives?

Midwives are experts in normal pregnancy and birth and the first 6 weeks after your baby has been born. To be a midwife, you must have a qualification that is recognized internationally. Midwives role includes clinical care as well as advise, support and educate all members of a birthing family throughout the entire birthing journey.  So why are our midwives different from the ones you meet in the hospital?

The most obvious difference is that our midwives have a Medicare provider number and a prescriber number. For you, this means all of your appointments have a Medicare rebate available which is how we can offer you a low cost /high quality model of pregnancy care. Our midwives each have this number because they have completed further study and training in addition to their internationally recognised qualification.

Firstly, our midwives have to do an extra 20 hours of continuing professional development every year in all areas of maternity care to ensure their practice is absolutely up to date and evidence based. This is validated every 3 years, when our midwives go through an independent professional peer and consumer review process.

To further support this practice, they have also undertaken an extra University qualification which focuses on diagnostic tests and prescribing medication. This means our midwives can provide you with referrals for all your blood tests and ultrasounds and, if medically indicated, provide you with prescription for medications that are relevant to your pregnancy. No they can’t order you an x-ray for your sprained ankle but they can give you a referral that will be medicare rebatable for your 18-20 week ultrasound and review the results accordingly. If your care does deviate from normal in any way, our midwives will discuss the results with our medical team and you so together we can make a plan of care that prioritises the safety and well-being of your entire family.

All in all, we think our Hatch midwives are pretty special and we think you will too. Come and meet our team Lauren works Monday-Friday, Claire works Tuesdays, Kathy works Wednesdays and Bella joins the team soon.

Remember, your first appointment at Hatch Private Maternity is with one of our midwives and it is a free consult where you will really get to know us and our model of care and we learn all about you.  We can’t wait to meet and support you through this incredibly special time in your lives.