Your new look Hatch midwifery team

We were confident that creating an affordable private maternity care option for Brisbane women and families would be welcomed. Its been a big year meeting our 100th baby just shy of our 1 year anniversary, piloting a new partnership with BUPA to offer their eligible members a gap free private maternity experience and welcoming the addition of two new endorsed midwives to join our team of obstetricians and midwives. We look forward to sharing in the journey for many more families as we embark on our second year. read more “Your new look Hatch midwifery team”

Surviving a Brisbane Summer whilst growing a baby bump

Did you know whilst you are pregnant, your body can increase your temp by up to nearly 1 whole degree? Wonderful news for your little incubating baby who is tucked up cosily! Certainly not an issue if you are enjoying a white Christmas and singing songs about “It’s cold outside”, but when you are facing a Brisbane summer filled with 30+ degree and 70% humidity things start to look a bit less cosy and a bit more like cankles. So let’s talk about what might help you get through these next few months. read more “Surviving a Brisbane Summer whilst growing a baby bump”