Your new look Hatch midwifery team

We were confident that creating an affordable private maternity care option for Brisbane women and families would be welcomed. Its been a big year meeting our 100th baby just shy of our 1 year anniversary, piloting a new partnership with BUPA to offer their eligible members a gap free private maternity experience and welcoming the addition of two new endorsed midwives to join our team of obstetricians and midwives. We look forward to sharing in the journey for many more families as we embark on our second year.

Your new look Hatch midwifery team. 

Introducing Simonna to the team of Hatch midwives joining Lauren, Claire, Kathy & Bela.

What is different about our model and why we love working here.

Firstly, there are a number of care options available to pregnant women in Australia. Public hospital clinics, public midwife clinics, midwifery group/team, caseload midwifery, GP/midwife shared public care, outreach clinics, private obstetrics, private midwife, birth centres and homebirth.

Hatch Private Maternity sought to introduce a team-based model of maternity care, consisting of endorsed/eligible midwives and specialist obstetricians who work in respectful collaboration to allow women access to both midwifery and obstetric expertise throughout their pregnancy journey. Research has shown factors that increase satisfaction with pregnancy care are strongly associated with continuity of care, individualised care and communication.

Although we cannot offer complete continuity for pregnancy care, labour and the postpartum period, the term continuity of care may refer to different situations.
a) A woman who sees the same care provider across different stages of antenatal, intrapartum and postnatal care;
b) one-to-one care from a single practitioner or
c) care by a small number of care providers working closely together as a team with a shared philosophy and guidelines for practice.

We can’t promise you will see the same clinician at every appointment, or know the obstetrician who will be on call for your birth. We can offer a commitment to high-level, evidenced based, family-centred care from two different women’s health disciplines to ensure you feel informed, empowered and supported in your birth choices. The majority of your antenatal visits will be with one of our midwives, you may like to try and book to see the same midwife throughout if availability permits. We are a small group of midwives who bring different skill sets and experience, you may even see us in the halls of birth suite or Pregnancy Assessment Centre at the Mater Mothers, as we all continue to hold joint contracts. Depending on your individual clinical needs you can expect to have a consultation with an obstetrician 3-4 times throughout the antenatal period. The obstetricians work on a rotating roster, if you require assessment at the hospital or it’s time to meet your baby, the on-call obstetrician will be notified. Postnatally, you will have the opportunity to book postnatal clinic visits with a midwife of your choosing and a 6-week postnatal obstetrician visit to complete your pregnancy journey.

We are very transparent about our fee structure, so you will know your out-of-pocket costs and, where possible, any known costs of other services required. Our team based model and rotating on-call roster is how we are able to keep the costs to a minimum (or no gap if you are an eligible BUPA member Endorsed midwives have a provider number, so you can receive Medicare rebatable services from your appointments with us, including ordering of routine bloods and ultrasounds.

We are proud to offer families more choice and of the team we have built, who together work with collegiality, and a shared ethos, putting the needs of the mother and baby foremost. You can book an initial no obligation bulk billed appointment (no referral necessary) with one of our midwives to discuss your pregnancy and birth options. We will gladly offer advice and referral if you feel our model does not meet your needs or expectations.
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