Private Pregnancy Costs Explained

With private health insurance and the cost of living constantly increasing, many pregnant women are concerned with the expense of having a baby and time out of the workplace. For some families, even those who have private health insurance, the cost to deliver privately is given careful consideration. Hatch Private Maternity was launched to provide affordable private pregnancy care and is a very exciting and popular new option for Brisbane women.

At Hatch we are upfront about our costs, so you will know what costs to expect and can confidently decide to have your baby with us. Our total out-of-pocket cost is only $990 for privately insured women with obstetric cover, who follow our standard schedule of appointments. read more “Private Pregnancy Costs Explained”

Breastfeeding & Tips for Partners

The importance of partner and family support for the breastfeeding mum.

With National Breastfeeding Week here, there is a wave of information for the breastfeeding mums to digest. At Hatch, we support all families to make their own informed decision on how they will feed their baby. However this week, we want to acknowledge each unique breastfeeding journey. Breastfeeding is more successful when the people closest to the breastfeeding mum support her. Our midwife, Ryndell Levkovich, share some tips for partners, friends and visitors on ways to support a new mum on her breastfeeding journey

read more “Breastfeeding & Tips for Partners”