Why is my pelvis so sore? Pelvic pain when pregnant.

Growing a little human is a big job. Your body is made to adapt but sometimes those adaptations can make you uncomfortable. One of the most common questions we get asked in our clinic here at Hatch is “Why is my pelvis so sore?”. This question can be complex to answer, but for most mums who are experiencing an uncomplicated pregnancy it is related to a wonderful hormone called Relaxin. read more “Why is my pelvis so sore? Pelvic pain when pregnant.”

Dressing little ones in the hot weather

Over the past few days, we have all been stripping down to our shorts and singlets to cope with the heat. But what have you been doing with your little one? The rule of thumb has always been ‘one more layer on their you’. Good theory, but very few of us wear onesies or jumpsuits; mums and dads are often different temperatures’ so we have one tricky translation. To add to this confusion, what about wraps and whether we are in air conditioning? read more “Dressing little ones in the hot weather”

Your new look Hatch midwifery team

We were confident that creating an affordable private maternity care option for Brisbane women and families would be welcomed. Its been a big year meeting our 100th baby just shy of our 1 year anniversary, piloting a new partnership with BUPA to offer their eligible members a gap free private maternity experience and welcoming the addition of two new endorsed midwives to join our team of obstetricians and midwives. We look forward to sharing in the journey for many more families as we embark on our second year. read more “Your new look Hatch midwifery team”

Surviving a Brisbane Summer whilst growing a baby bump

Did you know whilst you are pregnant, your body can increase your temp by up to nearly 1 whole degree? Wonderful news for your little incubating baby who is tucked up cosily! Certainly not an issue if you are enjoying a white Christmas and singing songs about “It’s cold outside”, but when you are facing a Brisbane summer filled with 30+ degree and 70% humidity things start to look a bit less cosy and a bit more like cankles. So let’s talk about what might help you get through these next few months. read more “Surviving a Brisbane Summer whilst growing a baby bump”

Healthy Eating in Pregnancy

You are glowing, eating for two, you are tiny, you must be having twins, are all comments you hear when you are growing your new little human. Then you walk up to the buffet at a function to discover almost nothing you ‘can’ eat? Let’s get some clarification so you can eat a healthy delicious meal tonight without the anxiety. Firstly, there is no need to be ‘eating for two’. Whilst you are pregnant you need to eat a good nutritious diet for one healthy person. read more “Healthy Eating in Pregnancy”

What is an eligible midwife?

At Hatch, our model focuses very much on offering you high quality maternity care through a team approach. The majority of your visits will be scheduled with midwives combined with visits with our obstetricians.  At the moment we have 3 midwives, Lauren, Kathy and Claire working a variety of days for your appointments.

Let us share with you why Hatch values midwives so highly and what is so very special about our eligible midwives? read more “What is an eligible midwife?”

Morning Sickness and what might help?

Pregnancy is a truly special and very exciting time, characterised by images of the happy, glowing mum-to-be. Whilst this may be the case for some, unfortunately morning sickness can make early pregnancy a miserable time for many pregnant women.

If you’re experiencing morning sickness, the first thing to know is that this can be a very normal part of pregnancy. Your baby will get all the nutrients it needs to grow and develop. It also is good to know that, in most cases, it will only last for a few weeks.

Short-term pregnancy sickness is very common, affecting around seven out of ten pregnant women. It commonly starts between weeks 6 to 9, is usually at its worst around weeks 9 and 10, and then should start to disappear around weeks 12 to 14. It is often associated with a growth spurt in your baby and occasionally can recur for short periods of time particularly in your third trimester when your baby is putting on some extra weight. You can always talk to your midwife or obstetrician at Nest if you are worried.

Although we are unable to determine exactly why pregnancy sickness occurs, there are a number of strategies that you can try to help reduce the severity of your symptoms.

read more “Morning Sickness and what might help?”