Am I eligible for care from Hatch ?

You are eligible for care with Hatch Private Maternity if you are Medicare eligible, are privately insured with hospital and obstetric cover, and you do not have a high risk pregnancy (this includes twin pregnancies, or significant underlying medical conditions). To find out if you are eligible, you can make a free no obligation initial appointment with one of our midwives.

Do I need private health insurance to be a patient at Hatch?

Yes, Hatch is a private maternity provider with all deliveries at the Mater Mothers’ private hospital, so it is a requirement that all patients have private* hospital and obstetric cover. *If you are privately insured with Frank or Latrobe Health, please contact us to discuss your options.

Do I need a GP referral to visit Hatch?

We welcome a referral from your GP, however, you do not need a GP referral to see us and have your baby with Hatch. After your initial appointment, our midwives are able to refer to our obstetricians. Rest assured, we will of course liaise with your GP on your pregnancy management and ongoing care.

I am currently receiving pregnancy care through the public system but I have private health insurance, am I able to transfer to Hatch?

Yes, we accept patients who are currently being cared for in the public system, provided they have private hospital and obstetric cover, and meet our other eligibility requirements. We accept patients up until 36 weeks’ gestation.

Will I see the same midwife and obstetrician for all of my appointments?

It is unlikely you will see the same midwife or obstetrician for all appointments. Hatch is a maternity service where you will be seen by the available midwife or obstetrician. When it’s time for you to deliver, you will be looked after by the Hatch obstetrician who is on-call at the time.

Where will I have my baby with Hatch Private Maternity?

All Hatch deliveries will be at the Mater Mothers’ Private Hospital in South Brisbane.

I am quite far along in my pregnancy, can I still become a patient with Hatch?

Yes, Hatch Private Maternity will happily accept women up until 36 weeks’ gestation, provided they meet our eligibility requirements. Please note, all women who see us after 20 weeks’ gestation will need to pay the pregnancy management fee, regardless of how many appointments they attend, or if the management fee has been paid to another doctor or hospital already. If you are paying the management fee again, you are not entitled to the Medicare rebate.

Who are Hatch’s clinicians?

The Hatch clinical team consists of a number of experienced obstetricians and midwives working on a rotating roster. Obstetricians on the team include Dr David Moore, Dr Paul Conaghan, Dr Tal Jacobson, Dr Matthew Smith, Dr Kellie Tathem, Dr Julie Buchanan, Dr Robyn Aldridge, Dr Rob Butler and Dr Ben Kroon, and midwives include Lauren Williams, Kathy Lerato and Claire Howlett. A large number of these clinicians have established private practices with Hatch's sister company Eve Health, a leading provider of gynaecology, obstetrics and fertility care in Brisbane for the last decade. Eve Health launched Hatch Private Maternity in 2016 to enable women who are mindful of their spending to access high quality pregnancy care.

How does Hatch keep its fees so low?

Here at Hatch, we do things a little differently to offer you affordable care. Firstly, we offer care by our team of midwives and obstetricians, and can’t promise continuity of care with any one clinician. This allows us to keep our pregnancy management fee to a minimum, which accounts for a large part of the saving. We also keep ancillaries to a minimum: we don’t offer subsidised patient parking, out-of-hours appointments, antenatal education or in-house allied health services. We also have some eligibility criteria for patients which means we can only care for patients with low risk pregnancies.

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