Confidence is key – Advice for new Mums

Having your first baby is one of life’s biggest transitions, a time when you start to reflect on what kind of parent you want to be. For many there are feelings of excitement but also uncertainty, anxiousness and for some feelings of depression. Hatch Midwife, Lauren Williams,…

Exercise in pregnancy: what helps and what could hurt

Whether you were an exercise bunny before you got pregnant or you’re allergic to the gym, all pregnant women without complications are encouraged to keep up an active lifestyle throughout their pregnancy. (more…)

We are what we eat: important nutrients in pregnancy

It can be a very exciting time when you find out you are having a baby. If this is your first pregnancy, you may be busy making future plans, designing the nursery, renovating, moving into a bigger house, buying clothes, having a baby shower and……

How Superfoods Can Benefit You and Your Unborn Baby.

Many cultures around the world, for centuries, have known the benefits of eating certain foods for not only a healthy lifestyle but also to assist with recovery of illness and disease. In today’s busy time-poor society, with the instant gratification of sugary foods, loaded with…

Travel in Pregnancy

Whether you’re going on an overseas holiday, going to visit loved ones, or simply planning one last hurrah (otherwise known as a “baby moon”), you must be well prepared when travelling during pregnancy.  Here are some tips on travelling during pregnancy: (more…)

Eating for two? Your guide to nutrition in pregnancy

A healthy pregnancy needs a healthy body, and the best way to achieve this is by making sure you’re eating well. Ideally, you should start putting healthy habits into practice as soon as you start planning to become pregnant. (more…)