Renee Eggmolesse

Renee Eggmolesse

RN/RM BHealth (Nursing) GradDipMid - Endorsed Midwife

Renee has been at Hatch for some time now and loves the concept of providing collaborative and holistic care to women within the private health sector.

Working much of her career in a smaller regional birthing unit instilled a love of providing care to women she had already developed a relationship with.

Now, stepping away from the traditional hospital midwife role and working as a midwife in private practice for several years has fuelled a passion in assisting women to achieve their dream birth, with education key for women to make fully informed decisions about their care options.

A wife and mother of two sons, and now also a grandmother, Renee can appreciate the juggle of work and family, and she loves assisting couples into the transition of parenthood.

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